Must KnowFacts about Swimming Pool Chemical Hazards

All responsible parents are concerned about household chemicals in the home, especially with small children. Adding a swimming pool and/or Spa to a home means adding four to ten additional chemicals to the household inventory.

The technical terms and language of chemical hazards which are mandated by the government and sue-crazy lawyers more often confuses than it helps.

More often than not the hazards which cause the most worry represent the smallest real dangers! Here are several simple rules that will go far to protecting yourself and your family:

Must KnowFacts about Swimming Pool Chemical Hazards

  • Keep wet hands and dirty scoops out of your chemicals. Contamination is often a cause of your problems.
  • Don't store swimming pool chemicals where other materials can fall into them (Ex. Don't put under your old paint shelf!)
  • Use glasses and gloves. Sunglasses and kitchen gloves are ok.
  • Minimize the different types of chemicals you store. (Our tips on 'buying generically' will help avoid duplication.)
  • Don't buy more than you will consume in a season. Some of the more hazardous pool chemicals don't 'keep' well.
  • Never, NEVER, NEVER, mix chemicals. When adding chemicals to your pool allow one to disappear before adding another.
  • And, of course, make sure they are inaccessible to small children. Plastic locking lawn sheds, made by Rubbermaid and others are a GREAT solution but at least use child safety locks for you storage closets and/or cabinets.

Our team at Abyss Pools hope that you will take these words to heart to prevent harm to yourself and your family. More safety tips will be coming soon in our "Pool Safety Series" starting October 2011.